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Me (on the left) and my ultra supportive girlfriend!


My name is Page and I am a freelance writer.

For the latest on what’s going on, have a look at the list on the right for the current publications I am writing for or go to my News Page for unexpected, out of the blue updates, but if you want to find out more about me, read on…

Writing is not only my job it is also my passion, I have been doing it all my life and its only natural that I want to do it for my career. I love to travel and can be found in as far flung places as Japan, America, Germany, France and of course the UK normally with a notebook in hand. I attend gaming events, product launches, PR events and more.

I write mainly about videogames, motoring and Japan but I can turn my hand to most things. If you have a look to the right at my ‘Blogroll’ you will find a list of the sites and blogs I write for.

When I am not writing I am playing games or mucking about with my car or scooter. I have a large collection of game consoles from the Atari 2600 right up to a PS3, and can be found most Friday nights in pixel heaven, sometimes wearing a silly hat.

I am always looking to expand my portfolio, so if you like what you read, and have something that needs writing down, then please get in contact via my twitter page, or drop me an email at


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