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I had a great weekend off!

Its nice to recharge and take stock of what you are doing. Today I spent some time first of all waving goodbye to the wife as she jetted off for a well deserved rest (have a nice time in Turkey) but secondly I had a massive session of applications and letter writing to a few places on the internet that I thought would be good for me to write for.

I am going to choose carefully, as in the past I have grabbed whatever came a long, worked hard and strived to give my very best work sometimes just for the love of making my portfolio bigger and my writing better (both very worthy causes) but a lot of the time I was taken advantage of and squeezed a bit too hard.

Nice then that I feel I can take a back step and let my work do the talking for once. Tooting ones horn is vulgar, but its nice to know I have a horn to toot! Here’s hoping that I hear back from those eager Editors that wanted to talk to me today!



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