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Keep an eye on Phantasy Gaming Network, its a new site that is about to explode from an old one. These guys have been in the gaming business for years, but dropped off the radar for a while. Well, the good news is that they are coming back! Bringing news, reviews, features and all that good stuff to you, yes you, the lucky gamer.

Guess who is going to be working with them?

Yup I am on the team, contributing news and comment on all sorts of gaming related topics, so if there is something you want featured on the site, something you need to have a moan about or even some news that I have missed (that happens you know!) get me on twitter @PageVGP and tell me.

I cant reveal too much but here is a hint, Phantasy Gaming Network has some very exciting connections that made me raise more than one eyebrow when I found out. Thats all I can say, I can hear my Editor sharpening a stick to poke me with so Ill shut up for now.

Who is up for some games this weekend?



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