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Hello everyone!

Wow, so much happening and so little time. Eurogamer has come and gone, I am working on my report so watch Retro Collect for that one. Talking of RC, I have had a few more things published which I will list below for you to have a look over.  Working with them is pure pleasure, I am hoping things will work out and a Staff position opens up, oh how I would love to get paid for writing about Retro Games!

Speaking of getting paid, any publications or Editors reading this that need some work done, I am available to take on more work right now so its a great time to get some unique Page-esque spin on your site or publication! Videogames is where its at right now but don’t forget I will write anything for you.

I am helping out Retro Collect at Replay Expo in November, so if any of you are going to the show, come and find me and say ‘Hi’, see if you can beat me at some of the games we will be exhibiting there.

So, articles published since last time around for Retro Collect:

Update on the Sony Vita: Who wants one? (ME!!)

Homebrew Super Smash Land, SSB on a Gameboy?

Review: Rescue on Fractalus, the developer himself contacted me over this one!

Review: Blocks that Matter, an amazing game that oozes gameplay.

Well, thats all for now, I have a few things in the pipeline that include arcades at home, atari 8bits connecting to the internet and a review of some SEGA MasterSystem games. Thanks for sticking with me, and remember, I’m available to write for you and everything is negotiable!




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