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A quick update!

Lots have happened to me personally over the last six months and I am sure you dont want to be bored to death hearing about it, so lets get going with what I have been scribbling about for Retro Collect!

Anyone remember Alley Cat? If you missed this little gem way back in the 80’s then check out my review!

Talking of the 80’s, they have re made Choplifter! The original was hard, but now they have added Zombies! Bandwagon or funtimes? Have a look and see!

Winding back even further, I have got my hands on an Atari Flashback 3. 2600 retro fun or blocky graphics and lame beeps? Only one way to find out!

Thanks for checking in guys, be sure to follow me on Twitter @PageVGP for rambles and rants



Comments on: "A quick update!" (2)

  1. cool stuff. Glad things are looking in your favour.

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