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Hi guys,

As you know I write on a wide spectrum of subjects and on my travels, both in the real world and online, I come into contact with some pretty amazing people. A few of them also write and offer advice and help to those who seek it (or those who dont!) and two of my very best friends write blogs that I think would be of interest to my readers.

Anime Hunter

First up is my friend who is currently living in Japan, he goes by the name ‘Sleepy’ but is far from dozy when it comes to Anime. He has set up a service to other overseas enthusiasts of all things Japan to hunt out the most elusive and hard to find Anime merchandise that you crave. Give him a read or drop him a line and before you know it you will have that sacred treasure in your hands!

His website is here: Sleepy in Japan, the Anime Bounty Hunter

Music and SEGA

Next up is my very dear friend who currently lives in America, the land of the free, the good ol’ USA. He is an amazing musician, a huge Megadrive (Genesis) fan and an all round top bloke. All the music he creates flows from his own imagination, he is very to happy to allow you to listen to this via his soundcloud, and you will be even more impressed when you hear that he does it all himself. He goes by the name Wrath Oskvro or Wrath for short and if you need some help with anything SEGA or indeed anything game related, he can help you or at least suggest a solution. All of this while he composes some of the most original and stirring music you will hear. Boy can this guy play guitar…

Click the button to be whisked away


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