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A new venture?

This is exciting!

I have been thinking of this project for a very long time. Regular readers and close friends will know of my adoration of ‘proper’ videogame arcades, and my horror at their slow but steady demise. So today I took the plunge and with the help of various gurus I bought a domain name and I am in the process of setting up my very own website.

A large chunk will be looking at arcades and giving advice on where the best ones are, but there will be news on all aspects of videogaming, links to some of the best places to find information and a forum so you can share experiences and knowledge.

I have friends in far flung places and I am hoping to get guest writers from as far away as the USA and Japan, bringing hot news with a different view.

So keep an eye on, stick it in your favourites and lets see how things go. Of course if you fancy dropping a line or even contributing to the site with words or pictures, I will be only too happy to receive them. Mail me at

Thanks for all the support guys!



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