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The end of 2012, and beyond

Have you ever cleaned out your loft/garage/cellar?

It feels like its never going to end, halfway through you are covered in dirt surrounded with chaos that began as ‘organised stacking’ and has now degenerated into semi frantic piles all under the heading ‘Misc’.But suddenly you begin to see the floor, the rubbish pile is bagged up,  the wood begins to emerge from the trees and once again you feel in control.

Well, that gives you some idea of how this year has been for me. Life has been nothing but frantic chaos, sprinkled with a few days of calm but like the vigilant loft-tidier, I have cleared the rubbish and I can see the order.

My blogging has been hit and miss this past year, my articles for RetroCollect have all but dried up all due to the whirlwind that crashed into my life and changed everything. Some of my faithful readers will know what I am talking about and others wont, but it has taken me over a year to put things in order and get some sort of ‘normality’ back into my life. I have tried many ‘restarts’ but for all sorts of reasons that have failed and the thing I love the most has suffered.

2013 fills me with hope, not only because 13 is my lucky number, but I can put a whole year between what happened and the turmoil it caused me. This will be the only ‘Im back’ post, I know I have a LOT of work to do to find my readership that I had, but I am sure that you haven’t gone too far. Stick with me and lets have a little fun.

Japan, cars, games and the stubborn idea that 50cc is big enough for me, should prove interesting reading for the next year!

Happy New Year! 2013 will be awesome!



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