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A Brief Summary

Name: Terry ‘Page’ Hunter

Pen Name: Page


Twitter: @PageVGP

I am a freelance writer, blogger and podcaster. My main areas of expertise and the focus of my writing are Gaming, Anime, Manga, Japan, travel and motoring.

I have been gaming almost everyday since I picked up a rather flimsy paddle controller on my battery powered Binatone TV game (with 9 exciting games!) back in 1975 and I have played games almost everyday since. I follow the industry closely writing reviews, attending launches, conventions and covering news stories.

My interest in Japan began in the early 1980’s and goes hand in hand with my love of Anime and Manga. I have visited Japan three times and have established some good friends and contacts there.

Motoring is a separate passion and I enjoy all aspects of it. F1 motorsport may be the pinnacle but there is nothing like a decent hillclimb or club day event at your local track. I attend track days and have enjoyed numerous laps of Spa and Nurburgring. All of the above weave well into my other passion that is travel, and when I’m not saving the world in a far off galaxy or trying to hit the apex just right in Forza or for real at Spa, there is nothing I would rather do than be on my way somewhere new.

I am establishing a good network of contacts in the gaming industry, it seems to be the most prominent area of my writing.

I am always looking to work with dedicated like minded folk, to expand my portfolio and push and polish my writing skill.

Examples of my work can be found below

Current partners 

Retro Collect

Example Article: Pitfall the anatomy of a video game.

Example hardware review: Atarimax, the modern way to play videogames

Example Event report Eurogamer 2011

Radio Sega

Example review

My own blogs:

Don’t forget, the life of a Freelancer is a fluid one and things are changing all the time (I’m adaptable!) so contact me or check out the news to see what I’m up to today!

Thanks for your interest



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